• Standard

    • End-to-end encryption of text messages, files and calls
    • Self-destructing messages and files
    • Ability to delete already sent messages and files
    • Protection from screenshots
    • History retention control
    • Hide messages and files

    Premium includes
    all functionalities of Standard, plus:
    • White labeling
      Get your own messenger launched under your own brand or brand of your company
    • Account management
      Centralized management of accounts and contact lists
    • Group calls
      Organize group calls. With SafeChats it’s surprisingly easy

    Enterprise includes
    all functionality of Premium, plus:
    • Personalized settings
      Additional functionality addressing clients needs, as well its own design
    • Integration with existing software infrastructure (CRM systems, SSO…)
    • Isolated server infrastructure (own cloud)
    • Ability to have a number of accounts and switch between them without logging out from the app
  • Standard

    Ideal for:
    • Secure daily communication one on one or in small groups
    • Safe transmission of messages and files
    • Confidential calls
  • Premium

    Ideal if:
    • You are a business owner, Board of Directors member, manage a company or a project
    • You want to have an own messaging application or integrate it into an existing corporate application
    • You understand the importance and value data transfer security
  • Enterprise

    Ideal for:
    • Increase loyalty of your clients
    • Organize safe and effective work of your team
    • Integrate the messenger with a CRM system or implement a Single sign-on

Which Plan to Choose?

White Label
Personalized settings and integration
Isolated server infrastructure
Centralized account management
Deletion of sent messages and files
Screenshot protection
History retention control
Text obfuscation
End-to-end encryption of text messages
End-to-end encryption of file transfers
End-to-end encryption of calls
Self-destructing messages
Group chats