How SafeChats works?

What makes SafeChats different?


SafeChats - is a business tool, which can be launched under your own brand or the brand of your company.

You’d receive your own corporate messenger, conveniently organizing teamwork, trust and loyalty of your clients.

Attract attention to your company - use SafeChats!

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We know, how crucial CONFIDENTIALITY is

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You’re not required to list your personal data

— No need to enter your phone number during registration.
— SafeChats doesn’t scan the contact list on your device, doesn’t keep it and doesn’t notify anyone that you’ve installed the app.

Create unlimited number of accounts and be in control of your contact list

Own the information

SafeChats corporate version can be installed in your own cloud or on your own hardware.

With SafeChats you can do even more!

— Self-destructing messages and files
— Delete already sent messages and files
— Screenshot protection
— History retention control
— Hiding messages

SECURITY is a top priority!

End-to-end encryption by default

— Text messages
— Voice calls
— Transferring of photos, documents and other types of files

Protection of confidential information

SafeChats deletes all private information, such as time and place of creation of multimedia files.

You can be confident that

SafeChats due to “device-to-device” encryption is only a transmitter of data and doesn’t have access to it.

What makes SafeChats different from others?

Functionality SafeChats
White Label (your own brand)
Personalized settings and integration
Isolated server infrastructure
Centralized account management
Screenshot protection
History retention control
Hiding messages
Self-destructing messages
Deletion of sent messages and files
End-to-end encryption of calls
End-to-end encryption of text messages
End-to-end encryption of file transfers
Group chats